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    BELLIN S.p.a was established and has grown in Orgiano by mean of the intuition and initiative of Giovanni Carlo Bellin in the 1950’s.

    Equipment for the agricultural sector was originally produced there, in particular trailers for tractors and then tank trucks for irrigation.

    Following this the production was displaced in the development of the “progressive cavity pumps” and BELLIN became the oldest Italian producer of “PC” pumps thanks to this decision.

    Subsequently, however, and thanks also to the versatility of these pumps, requests from the industrial sector, and in particular the sewage treatment plants, industries, oenological and agro-alimentary fields, became more frequent.

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    Production unit 1

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    Headquarters – Production unit 2


    The product range in the 90s it was then enlarged in the design and development of PL series rotary lobe pumps, allowing to Bellin to offer a wide range of solutions to various pumping problems.

    High technology machineries are used in the manufacturing process (C.L – CNC etc.). The two factories in Orgiano cover a surface area of more than 6,000 square metres and guarantee a high productive capacity, which means that orders are executed in very short times.

    The technical staff Bellin always grant a important support in the most suitable pump selection according to customer’s requirement.

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    The constant participation at the most important exhibitions and several agreements with commercial partners abroad contribute in confirming the “Bellin S.p.a.” brand.